Ad Review Process [Legacy]


If you are part of our new Ad Review Process Beta, the statuses you will see in the RollWorks platform may be different than the statuses in this help center article. If you see different statuses please click here.

Before you launch your Campaigns and Playbooks RollWorks will ensure that the creatives used in your Ads are ready for our partner networks.

Once you upload an ad to RollWorks it will be reviewed by our Policy team within three business days. Ad reviews may take longer in special cases when a more comprehensive review is required.


What does my Review Status mean?

When you upload an Ad to RollWorks we will use the statuses below to indicate the stage of the Ad in the review process:

Review Status Description
Approved The item has been approved by our Policy Team and submitted to the appropriate networks for approval.
Pending The item is still under review.


The item has been suspended, typically due to conflicts with our Creative Requirements.

The item is not compliant with our guidelines. Please review our Advertising Policies to learn how you can make sure your ads and your website are compliant.


Your campaign's end date has elapsed and is no longer active. You can resume a completed campaign by removing or specifying a new end date.

Once our Policy team approves, your Ads and Campaigns/Playbooks are submitted to our partner ad networks for a final review. Please allow up to 72 hours for your ads to be reviewed by our partner ad networks and to begin serving.

RollWorks reserves the right to review approved campaigns at any given time. Our partner ad networks’ policies and self-regulatory bodies’ codes of conduct are constantly being reviewed and updated, and as such, we may review active campaigns to ensure that they comply with current policies, codes, and legal requirements. RollWorks reserves the right to complete campaigns at any time that are no longer eligible to run. 


Get notified about your Ad and Campaign Review Status

Our Policy team will send you an email if we need your attention during our review.

To receive these email notifications, make sure you have campaign notifications activated. Navigate to Settings > Email Preferences.


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