Contact List Builder: Create HubSpot-based Contact Lists [Beta]

Before you start, please keep in mind that you can bring your HubSpot contact lists to RollWorks in two different ways:

  1. Imported Contact Lists: You can import your pre-existing HubSpot contact lists to RollWorks as is. New contacts will refresh every 24 hours. After importing a contact list you cannot edit the list from RollWorks and you cannot filter the contacts using other data offered RollWorks. If you prefer this method jump to this article.
  2. Enhanced Contact Lists [Beta]: You can create contact lists natively in RollWorks using your own HubSpot data in combination with other data offered by RollWorks like Bombora Company Surge Intent and Journey Stages. New contacts will refresh every 12 hours. Continue reading to learn more.

 Do you need help deciding which option is right for you?

If you need help deciding between Enhanced Contact Lists and Imported Contact Lists visit this help center article to learn the key differences.


Use Cases

Watch a 5-minute demo of the Enhanced Contact List experience to learn how to create contact lists within RollWorks without having to bounce back and forth between RollWorks and your CRM to accomplish the following use cases: 

  • Convert Contacts to "Sales Ready" (video 1:38'): Warm up contacts that work for companies that are in the Unaware or Aware Journey Stages and that are also showing Bombora Company Surge Intent with helpful top-of-funnel or middle-of-funnel content showing how your product solves their specific pain points. Sending engaging content helps qualify contacts for sales to begin outbounding to them.
  • Provide Air Cover for Sales (video 2:55'): Identify contacts that work for companies that are in the engaged, Sales Ready Journey Stage (see how to customize Journey Stages), or already have an open deal/opportunity in your CRM and create marketing campaigns to engage the buying committee through multiple channels (Web, Email, Facebook, Instagram) so they are more likely to
    respond to Sales or progress through the deal/opportunity stages.
  • Get Personal (video 3:50'): Use Journey Stages and Bombora Company Surge Intent to understand the behavior your prospects are showing, and personalize your messaging across Web, Email, Facebook, Instagram, and Sales engagement for greater response and engagement rates.


Create an Enhanced Contact List

Before you start


Step 1: Navigate to the Contact List Builder feature

  • Log in to RollWorks, navigate to Audiences > Contact Lists > Enhanced Lists > Create Contact List.



Step 2: Name your Contact List

  • Type a name to label this new contact list. Use a naming convention that will help you identify this contact list later when you have multiple to select from.



Step 3: Select your data sources and create your Contact List logic

  • From the drop-down select the HubSpot objects you would like as the filters for your contact list. At a minimum, one HubSpot filter is required.
  • Optionally, add additional filters offered by RollWorks such as Bombora Company Surge Intent and Journey Stages.



You can use one data source alone or build your own custom logic combining multiple sources:

Data Source RollWorks UI

HubSpot data

  • Hubspot Contact filters
  • Hubspot Company filters
  • HubSpot Deals filters

Use this data source to add Contacts that already exist in your HubSpot instance based on your own Contact, Company and Deals properties.

Your existing HubSpot properties within these three objects will be available and searchable.


Bombora Company Surge®

  • Intent Level
  • Intent Signal Recency
  • Intent Topics

Filter your contact list using Bombora Intent data to view only contacts for which their account is showing interest in your Intent Topics. To use this data source you will need to select your Intent Topics first. Learn how to in our Bombora Company Surge® Intent Data guide.


Journey Stages

Filter your contact list by Journey Stage, a RollWorks data point that allows you to track the progression of the accounts in your Account Lists along their buying journey. Learn more about Journey Stages.



In the example below we are creating an Enhanced Contact List by finding all our existing HubSpot contacts in our Account List called 'Strategic TAL - MASTER ICP' and the accounts that have surged with High intent in ABM within the last 90 days.



Step 4: Save and wait for the sync to complete


 After completing the steps above you have successfully created a HubSpot-based Contacts List combining your own HubSpot data and data offered by RollWorks. 

Now that you have synced over your contact lists from HubSpot to RollWorks, you can engage or suppress this audience in your RollWorks Ad Campaigns.


Sync Status

The data sync between RollWorks and HubSpot is scheduled daily at 9:00 am (UTC), at which time RollWorks will ingest all properties on all Contact, Company, and Deal records.  These properties will be made available for Contact List building, and dynamic Contact List updates.  

Any manual or dynamic changes to the Contact Lists will be reflected in underlying audiences in Ad Campaigns within 12 hours (underlying audiences update at 12:00am and 12:00pm UTC).

To confirm if an Enhanced Contact List is ready to be used in Ad Campaigns log in to RollWorks, navigate to Audiences > Contact Lists > Enhanced Lists, and search for your contact list.

Sync Status Description

Green Syncing


CRM / MAP data is successfully being imported into RollWorks. Enhanced Contact List used in Campaigns is working as expected.

Yellow Syncing


CRM / MAP data is successfully being imported into RollWorks but there is something wrong with the Enhanced Contact List:

  • The advertising Segment and Enhanced Contact List are out of sync (Ad Segment did not update). This happens when the Enhanced Contact List is targeted in a Campaign AND Ad Segment is in “Not Qualified for Advertising” status because there are fewer than 100 emails in the list.
  • The Enhanced Contact List is partially computing due to a deleted field or value in the data source(s) used to build the Enhanced Contact List.

Red Stopped Syncing RED_STOPPED_SYNCING.png

The Enhanced Contact List stopped syncing due to a breaking error:

  • An error with the Integration that is used to build the Enhanced Contact List.
  • A deleted field or value in the data source(s) used to build the Enhanced Contact List causes the List to fail to compute.

Grey Syncing


There was previously an integration error (see above). We are now recognizing the integration has been re-enabled, however, the List and Data Ingestion have not actually run the 12hr batch update.




If the Hubspot Integration is not Connected, click Connect to complete the integration setup. Learn about it here.

If the HubSpot Integration is already Connected, confirm that you allow RollWorks to sync standard fields from HubSpot:

  • Log in to RollWorks and navigate to Integrations.
  • Mark the checkbox Gain Access to powerful... under HubSpot Data Sync Settings.
  • Click Save.




Is there a minimum amount of contacts required to create an Enhanced Contact List?

There is no minimum number of contacts required, however, if you plan to use this list to display ads the list must have at least 100 matched emails for an ad campaign to run.

Because Enhanced Contact Lists are dynamic, your list may refresh and yield less than 100 contacts. If the list is being used in an active ad campaign we will:

  • Stop serving ads for the campaign due to the 100 email threshold.
  • The contact list status will be synching (in yellow) indicating that this contact list is being used in a Campaign and the contact list used as the Ad Segment is in “Not Qualified for Advertising” status because there are fewer than 100 emails in the list.


Why is a Journey Stage greyed out and saying no data is available in the Enhanced Contact List builder?

Journey Stages may have no data available for two reasons:

  • Because the Journey Stage itself does not have any accounts that qualify based on the Journey Stage rules.

  • Because the Journey Stage was recently created or edited and the accounts that meet the Journey Stage criteria are still loading.



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